Small CNC Cell offers unrivalled capacity

When we set up the structure of Denholms/C E Edwards around a series of Manufacturing Cells, our intention was that customers could make use of our resources either from a single cell or a combination, to deliver a highly flexible capacity. While the combination of different cells is central to this flexibility, we also continually […]

Investment in Faro technology drives quality

Faro is a name synonymous with the highest levels of accuracy in 3D measurement. At Denholm’s, Faro technology has been part of our quality management procedures for several years. The system has proved extremely valuable so when we were looking to add to the quality systems at our C E Edwards site in Stoke on Trent, Faro […]

Focus on service delivers sustainable quality

In recent years, in increasingly competitive markets, many businesses have chosen to cut costs by focusing on core activities. While this is not a bad strategy in itself, it can have some significant long-term consequences. In the engineering sector, there’s been a trend for larger firms and OEMs to outsource much of their engineering requirement. […]

Positive start to 2017

Positive Start Despite the political and economic turmoil and uncertainties of 2016, the year ended with some positives for Denholms and C E Edwards. Relationships and discussions that had been started earlier in the year began to bear fruit as customers, both existing and new, increasingly recognise the value of our focus on ‘Partnership for Performance’. […]

Integrated process – The future for Denholms & C E Edwards

It is now two years since Denholm Rees & O’Donnell and C E Edwards began making changes to more closely integrate operations across both companies and sites. The value of having two separate locations offering distinct areas of specialist expertise and equipment is something we firmly believe in, and which our customer feedback supports. But […]

Investment continues to deliver

It is now almost year since our Sacem MSMG-125 horizontal boring and milling machine was installed and, giving us capacity that is available from only a small handful of companies across the UK, the investment is continuing to pay dividends as interest in the capabilities of the machine keeps expanding. Most recently, we are pleased […]

Denholm’s in demand – in Japan

Machining pump shafts can be particularly challenging. Their dimensions (typically long and thin!) means a shaft can easily distort; yet it is vital that they stay straight – a dilemma! Denholm’s have particular experience and skill in machining pump shafts, skill which is being recognised across the world – not least in Japan where Denholm’s […]