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Positive Start

Despite the political and economic turmoil and uncertainties of 2016, the year ended with some positives for Denholms and C E Edwards. Relationships and discussions that had been started earlier in the year began to bear fruit as customers, both existing and new, increasingly recognise the value of our focus on ‘Partnership for Performance’.

Our aim is to increasingly move from a traditional Customer:Supplier relationships where OEMs work individually with different companies supplying separate elements for components of their finished products to a seamless system where service suppliers work together to enable the OEM to receive fully finished components ready for assembly/manufacture.

This ‘end-to-end’ service simplifies administration for the OEM.

Focus on Efficiency

As with everything in the modern world, the engineering sector is constantly striving to drive efficiency, and efficiency is at the heart of the Denholm Rees and O’Donnell and C E Edwards service model.

Several years ago, we recognised the benefit to our customers of us working closely with other companies – particularly foundries – so that we could work to customer specifications to source and control quality of raw castings and then undertake machining, finishing and quality checks before we deliver fully tested and certified finished components.

In parallel with these developments, we have seen major OEMs look to place more component manufacture with specialist suppliers as they strive to increase in-house efficiency by closing in-house machining services that are peripheral to their core business and relying more on external specialists.

A natural ‘fit’

Across the many engineering service supplier relationships that exist,  the fit between foundries and specialist machining suppliers is one of the clearest. Each has a unique and key role to play in producing finished engineered components, yet one can’t exist without the other.

Traditionally the OEM would work with the foundry to get castings produced for machining and finishing, either in their own machine-shops or through a specialist supplier such as DRO/CEE. In both cases, any issues with the castings had to be dealt with my the OEM. By switching to sourcing only finished components, a whole layer of administration is removed.

Thanks to the savings that can be made, DRO/CEE is building an increasing number of close relationships with specialist foundries both so that we can quote a complete package to customers and where OEMs are sourcing castings from foundries and requesting that the foundry find, and partner, with a suitable machining company.

We are pleased to report that, more and more, Denholm Rees and O’Donnell and C E Edwards are being specified by OEMs as a great partner for their castings suppliers. The process is also increasingly international as customers across Europe tap into the benefits.

2017 – The Partnership continues

As we move on into 2017, the DRO/CEE ‘Partnership for Performance’ model goes from strength to strength. With more than 6 major OEM customers bringing new work to DRO/CEE  in recent months, we are confident of a strong future.

If you would like to find out more how ‘Partnership for Performance’ with Denholms and C E Edwards can benefit your business, either as an OEM or as a service supplier, do get in touch

Alternatively, take a look at our Partnership for Performance Slideshow

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