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It is now almost year since our Sacem MSMG-125 horizontal boring and milling machine was installed and, giving us capacity that is available from only a small handful of companies across the UK, the investment is continuing to pay dividends as interest in the capabilities of the machine keeps expanding.

Most recently, we are pleased to announce the agreement of a component supply programme with specialist valve supplier Severn Glocon. The company supplies and services valves to a wide range of sectors and industries operating in some of the most challenging environments and it is vital that their valves perform faultlessly.

Machining to fine tolerances on smaller components is relatively straightforward but with some Severn Glocon valves weighing in at several tonnes, ensuring that same degree of accuracy becomes orders of magnitude more complex.

This valve body weighs in at over 2 Tonnes
This valve body weighs in at over 2 Tonnes

It is this type of work where the Sacem borer excels and with the interchangeable machining heads we have available, the capacity of our machine and the range of work we undertake is impressive. Full details are available here

More than just a machine shop

At the heart of our operation is our commitment to ‘Partnership for Performance’. We recognise that it isn’t enough to have the best machinery, it is only when top quality equipment comes together with a highly skilled workforce supported by a committed management team who work closely with our customers that we can deliver the best performance.

We are proud of what we do and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with Severn Glocon.

If you are looking for an engineering partner committed to investment  to ensure top quality components, delivered to your schedule, give us a call.

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