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Faro is a name synonymous with the highest levels of accuracy in 3D measurement. At Denholm’s, Faro technology has been part of our quality management procedures for several years. The system has proved extremely valuable so when we were looking to add to the quality systems at our C E Edwards site in Stoke on Trent, Faro was a natural choice.

Specialist Requirements

Faro Technology helps deliver accuracy A good deal of the work we undertake at C E Edwards involves the precision machining of large castings some over 2m x 1m and weighing in excess of 3 Tonnes. Work of this nature can demand specialist measuring equipment to ensure dimensional accuracy.

Following careful review, we selected the Faro Quantum M 3.5 as an ideal solution for our needs. We are pleased that this has recently been installed and commissioned in Stoke.

With a 3.5M arm and 7 axes of movement, coupled with complete portability, the system is perfect for quality checking the large and complex components we work with. The equipment also includes high-accuracy laser scanning. The reporting capabilities mean we are able to efficiently document all measurements for communication to our customers.

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