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Engineered pump shaft from Denholm, Rees O'Donnell
Pump shaft ready for despatch to Japan

Machining pump shafts can be particularly challenging. Their dimensions (typically long and thin!) means a shaft can easily distort; yet it is vital that they stay straight – a dilemma!

Denholm’s have particular experience and skill in machining pump shafts, skill which is being recognised across the world – not least in Japan where Denholm’s have recently fulfilled an order for 18 pump shafts worth in excess of £80,000.

Denholm’s customer was finding it difficult to source a supplier for the shafts they required locally in Japan and then last year’s earthquake and tsunami put even more pressure on the Japanese manufacturing base.

A mutual contact in the UK led to Denholm, Rees O’Donnell being approached, assessed and the order being placed.

Denholm’s technical experience really came into play when, during the initial engineering work, staff identified areas where they felt the shaft design and material specification could be improved. A total of 6 specification changes were proposed and implemented resulting in reduced cost and improved performance – a great mix!

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