Engineering success in a challenging economy

There continues to be a great deal in the news about the Brexit hiatus and the impact it is having on UK manufacturing. This is particularly true in relation to investment projects. As a result, down the supply chain, this means that companies are needing to be agile to customer needs. Projects that were previously […]

Positive start to 2017

Positive Start Despite the political and economic turmoil and uncertainties of 2016, the year ended with some positives for Denholms and C E Edwards. Relationships and discussions that had been started earlier in the year began to bear fruit as customers, both existing and new, increasingly recognise the value of our focus on ‘Partnership for Performance’. […]

Travel Essential to Building Strong Relationships

Members of the management teams at Denholm Rees & O’Donnell and sister company C E Edwards have been covering the miles in the interest of the strongest possible working relationships with customers, wherever they are based. Tailored response for every project It is a vital element of the group’s ethos that they approach every project […]

Focus on Partnership Bears Fruit

  An alternative approach to a typical supply chain introduced by Denholm Rees & O’Donnell and sister company C E Edwards in recent months is already proving effective and popular with customers and suppliers alike. Alternative solution The management team within the group recognised that increasingly customers were looking for ways to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the supply […]

Denholm’s in demand – in Japan

Machining pump shafts can be particularly challenging. Their dimensions (typically long and thin!) means a shaft can easily distort; yet it is vital that they stay straight – a dilemma! Denholm’s have particular experience and skill in machining pump shafts, skill which is being recognised across the world – not least in Japan where Denholm’s […]