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An alternative approach to a typical supply chain introduced by Denholm Rees & O’Donnell and sister company C E Edwards in recent months is already proving effective and popular with customers and suppliers alike.

Alternative solution

The management team within the group recognised that increasingly customers were looking for ways to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the supply process and avoid the time and administrative costs involved in going backwards and forwards between different suppliers to attain each finished component.

While turning to larger ‘one-stop’ suppliers to take care of everything was an obvious answer, it meant losing all the benefits of working with smaller, specialist companies, where their personalised approach and the wealth of dedicated experience and skill delivered real benefit.

Denholm Rees & O’Donnell and C E Edwards set out to create a ‘best practice solution’ by forging partnerships with other OEM suppliers to offer customers all their dedicated knowledge and service through a narrower, more integrated supply chain. They have been able to draw on their existing relationships and extensive understanding of the technical and manufacturing elements of the process to bring together suppliers and customers to everyone’s benefit.

Strong and streamlined

The concept was devised as a way of delivering the best of both worlds for all concerned, streamlining the process to cut out unnecessary costs and delays without losing the highly focused knowledge and skills, as well as the flexibility and individualised service, offered by smaller specialist companies. It now encompasses a focus on partnerships all the way along the supply chain to give a series of strong, seamless links for the best possible results.

Positive results

Managers at the two sister companies are delighted with the positive response to the initiative, with smaller OEMs retaining contracts and clients enjoying the advantages of working with them with none of the potential downsides. It is an evolving model in which all parties are engaged to deliver best quality and best value. Further exciting announcements coming soon!


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