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There continues to be a great deal in the news about the Brexit hiatus and the impact it is having on UK manufacturing. This is particularly true in relation to investment projects. As a result, down the supply chain, this means that companies are needing to be agile to customer needs. Projects that were previously virtually guaranteed to go ahead are proving much more uncertain. You can’t assume work will come in. It is particularly important to stay focussed and engaged with contacts, at the same time maintaining performance and quality.

Where a company focusses on delivering specific service to a specific sector, they can be vulnerable. Having a service offering that allows you to work in a range of sectors gives a degree of protection against any individual sector being particularly hard hit. Even with a diverse service range, it is essential to maintain performance at a high level with every customer. A company may operate in a range of sectors but, to any individual customer, only they matter!

Flexibility through technology

Denholm’s and C E Edwards have a long-standing policy of building capacity based around investment in modern technology. This approach is paying dividends. We are able to offer a wide-ranging capacity to a diverse range of customers across numerous sectors. Even with this diversity, service delivery to each customer is second to none – a fact demonstrated by the long-standing relationships with have with many major customers.

In the words of a well-established customer, taken straight from a recent email from their buying team:

“It is great for me to know we can depend on our key suppliers…”

As the engineering sector finds itself being squeezed, there is no question that competition is rife. Businesses must fight for every new job. Even so, the diversity and quality from both Denholm’s and C E Edwards are proving real assets in these challenging times.

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