New opportunities: Our work speaks for itself!

Our aim is always to deliver the highest performance product in the most efficient way possible for every client, whatever the scale of the project. We are therefore particularly proud to be developing a potential new and exciting partnership entirely on the basis of the work we did for another customer. Stand-out quality Energy giant […]

Investment continues to deliver

It is now almost year since our Sacem MSMG-125 horizontal boring and milling machine was installed and, giving us capacity that is available from only a small handful of companies across the UK, the investment is continuing to pay dividends as interest in the capabilities of the machine keeps expanding. Most recently, we are pleased […]

Travel Essential to Building Strong Relationships

Members of the management teams at Denholm Rees & O’Donnell and sister company C E Edwards have been covering the miles in the interest of the strongest possible working relationships with customers, wherever they are based. Tailored response for every project It is a vital element of the group’s ethos that they approach every project […]

Supplier Partnerships support OEM drive to streamline component logistics

In the never-ending challenge to drive down costs, OEMS and other major manufacturers often look to shrinking their supplier base as a way to make their business leaner and more efficient. Whilst fewer, often larger, suppliers can certainly reduce administration costs, it may be at the risk of missing out on the specialist, technical skills […]

Proactive Customer Support from C E Edwards

Denholm’s group company C E Edwards has shown their commitment to supporting their customers; and picked up the recognition for this undertaking. Long term suppliers to tyre giants Michelin, C E Edwards provide a range of fabrication and refurbishment services to the company. Shortly after the millennium, Michelin commissioned a range of tyre display stands […]

Denholm’s in demand – in Japan

Machining pump shafts can be particularly challenging. Their dimensions (typically long and thin!) means a shaft can easily distort; yet it is vital that they stay straight – a dilemma! Denholm’s have particular experience and skill in machining pump shafts, skill which is being recognised across the world – not least in Japan where Denholm’s […]