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GEAlstLogoOur aim is always to deliver the highest performance product in the most efficient way possible for every client, whatever the scale of the project. We are therefore particularly proud to be developing a potential new and exciting partnership entirely on the basis of the work we did for another customer.

Stand-out quality

Energy giant GE-Alstom approached us after spotting examples of high-specification pump shafts we produced for one of their own suppliers, Hayward Tyler. The engineering required to create precise, straight pump shafts of any great length is notoriously challenging, but something that our team at Denholms has worked at and fine-tuned until it has become something of a specialist capability.


Hayward Tyler has built its reputation on designing, manufacturing and servicing fluid-filled electric motors and pumps for applications across the global energy sector, sometimes within extremely demanding environments. We deliver pump shafts to meet those exacting standards reaching up to 5 metres long.

Client testimonials

Pump shaft ready for despatch
Pump shaft ready for despatch

On a supplier visit to Hayward Tyler premises, members of the GE-Alstom team recognised the quality of the long shafts they noticed in ‘Goods inwards’ and queried how and where they had been made. Employees at Hayward Tyler explained that they weren’t produced in-house but at Denholms as part of an ongoing manufacturing partnership agreement. We enjoy a very successful relationship with Hayward Tyler and were delighted to hear that staff at the company went on to praise the integrated approach and strong working relationship they have with Denholm Rees & O’Donnell!

As a specific result of the workmanship and associated expertise they had witnessed in the pump shafts, and the enthusiastic reports from Hayward Tyler, the GE-Alstom team made their own enquiries, leading to direct interest in Denholms as a Tier 1 supplier of pump shafts for Hinckley Point C Nuclear Project in Somerset, for the construction of which GE-Alstom is a consortium partner.

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