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Long term customer support from C E EdwardsDenholm’s group company C E Edwards has shown their commitment to supporting their customers; and picked up the recognition for this undertaking.

Long term suppliers to tyre giants Michelin, C E Edwards provide a range of fabrication and refurbishment services to the company.

Shortly after the millennium, Michelin commissioned a range of tyre display stands for use at exhibitions around the UK. These stands are still in regular use today, however, the rigours of the automotive exhibition circuit have taken their toll and the stands were in need of some TLC.

Michelin approached C E Edwards asking to have the stands refurbished in time for the recent LAMMA agricultural equipment show in Nottinghamshire. The work was done and the stands ready in good time for the show. The quality of the refurbishment was evident to the sales team at the show who reported:

“…a job well done on the refurbishment of the tyre stands…
…they now look better than they did when they were new.”

If you are looking for engineering fabrication from a company who will work with you and deliver the best, give us a call

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