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Following a review of inspection procedures at C E Edwards we felt that we could reorganise to improve effciciency. The layout of the machine shop neccesitated some significant work but we are plaesed to announce that this is now all complete and the inspection department relocated to its new home right next to goods-out: the ideal location.

In keeping with our group policy of innovation and investment, we took the opportunity of the redevelopment to also enhance the inspection measurement capability at C E Edwards.

CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) is a 3D device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object and represents the latest technology for ensuring accurate dimensions on engineered components.

When it first appeared, CMM equipment was large and had to be permanently installed. We have one of these machines at our sister company Denholm Rees O’Donnell in Liverpool – here are some details

The FARO GAGE newly installed at C E Edwards is different.

It is one of a new generation of Portable CMM. It can be set up in minutes and the portability give unrivalled opportunity to ensure accurate dimension measurement of all sorts of components in all sorts of configurations.

The new FARO GAGE at CE Edwards is an important investment.
It will play an vital role in helping us to maintain
our position as leading sub-contract engineers focussing
on building strong, collaborative relationships with our
clients to deliver world-class service now and into
the future.

Ian Johns, Works Director

Take a look at this short video introducing the FARO GAGE and its capabilities:

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