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Denholms and C E Edwards continue our focus on driving efficiency

In our competitive world, efficiency is an important goal for every business. This is particularly true in the engineering sector where globalisation has moved competition out from a regional or national focus to a truly international base.

We recognise that the Denholms and C E Edwards group is competing against engineering companies across Europe and the world as well as closer to home.

Our customers don’t just need engineering service from us. They are looking for partnership where our involvement can range from specification and sourcing of materials and primary components such as raw castings through production and manufacturing to logistics and inventory management – an end-to-end process supporting OEM manufacturing.

We pride ourselves on using our ‘Partnership for Performance’ ethos to truly deliver efficiency to customers.

To achieve this goal, we are constantly exploring technology investment opportunities looking for ways we can ensure our internal processes are as effective as possible.

With our business operating at 2 sites, we have the opportunity to draw on the skills of two separate labour pools each in an area with strong engineering traditions. Having 2 sites also means we need to have the best communications systems to ensure effective information flow across the business. We are always exploring new ways for technology to help drive efficiency.

Joined-up Communications

We have, for some time, being running the M1 Business Management ERP System at each of our sites , an investment which has significantly streamlined operations.

The next phase of this investment is now underway through which the M1 systems at each site will be integrated using a high speed data network to enable the sites at Stoke and Aintree to function as a single operational entity, something which will make us even more efficient and remain at the front of our field.

Work on the systems has recently taken steps forward in delivering a seamless process and even better overall service.

Ongoing improvements

While these current developments are important, we don’t see them as our ultimate objective.

From improving the resources available on our website to having a good understanding of the current engineering world and making sure we deliver the best possible service to customers, our commitment to efficiency continues.

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