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Outside of the sector, many people may see engineering as an ‘established’ industry but we know only too well how important it is to use the latest technology to deliver the cutting edge service  our customers need.


Proactive not reactive

We want to always be in a position to meet our clients’ requirements as they evolve and the demands on our services change and grow. Across the board at both companies and sites, Denholms and C E Edwards are committed to delivering the highest levels of performance, both through our dedicated knowledgeable workforce and the top-end state-of-the-art equipment we work with.

The DRO/CEE management team – with input from those on the ground at both our Aintree and Stoke-on-Trent sites – are continually appraising every element, however small, of our operations. It was recently felt that the company was outgrowing its existing software systems, and plans for an extensive upgrade are now in place.

New system part of ongoing integration strategy

The new M1 ERP software has been specifically designed for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses and covers all aspects of daily operations through one system. In line with the overall approach of greater integration between Denholms and C E Edwards on a variety of levels to maximise efficiency, the upgrade will make both sites compatible, allowing for business to be conducted seamlessly across both companies.

In order for this to be possible and for full advantage to be taken of the system, investment has been made in installing a fibre optic line direct from the internet exchange to C E Edwards’ Stoke base.

Maximum benefits

Staff already have experience of using the M1 ERP software, but moving up to one cohesive system will remove all boundaries, streamlining and speeding up scheduling, estimates and quoting services for optimum efficiency, whatever the client’s requirements. The upgrade itself will be carried out in stages over the coming months to avoid disruption or delay to any projects.

Denholms and C E Edwards may not be interested in setting trends but this latest investment underlines our commitment to remaining at the very forefront of what we do.


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