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Denholms and C E Edwards are committed to partnership for performance and often this commitment goes hand in hand with significant investment.

You can read about the latest additions at the Denholms Albany Road site here

However, the Denhoms/C E Edwards philosophy goes beyond ensuring we have the most effective equipment.

A great example of the DRO/CEE philosophy is the long-established Pump Shaft Cell at Aintree.

The Denholm Rees & O’Donnell Pump Shaft Cell was established at Albany Road, Aintree 1985. Especially relevant was our aim to deliver market leading services in the manufacture of pump shafts to tight tolerance at lengths up to 4 metres. Keeping long, thin shafts true over their entire length can be challenging!

Naturally, there has been the appropriate investment over the past 30+ years but there is more to the success than this.

The operation brings together 4 key elements:

  • The right equipment
  • A skilled team
  • An unswerving commitment to quality
  • Combining traditional engineering skills with the right equipment

By maintaining an effective balance across these elements, the  Pump Shaft Cell has evolved as a highly effective unit. The essence of the operation was good in 1985 and is sustained now with an enviable reputation in the sector.

The wider picture

The Pump Shaft Cell is Denholms/C E Edwards in microcosm. As a result, the principles that deliver the success in the Pump Shaft Cell are exactly the same as those we apply across the business as a whole.

  • Build the team
  • Invest when appropriate
  • Focus on doing the best possible job
  • Work in partnership with customers to deliver performance value.

It is also important to remember that markets run in cycles. Since the mid-1980’s there have been economic highs and lows. Consequently, there has been a significant decline in the number of specialists operating in the engineering sector over the past 30 years, often impacting on the ability of manufacturers to tap into to high-quality sub-contract engineering support.  Part of the Denholms/C E Edwards strength is that we have built the flexibility to ride the market downturns. Furthermore, we have grown this resilience without compromising our focus on quality and ability to deliver over the long-term.

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