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For Denholms and CE Edwards, close working relationships with foundries and OEMs are proving to be the key to delivering high-quality machined casting consistently, reliably and cost-effectively.

In the past, OEMs producing pumps, valves and other precision engineered components have employed significant engineering teams. The scope and experience of these technical staff have given them flexibility. They could deal directly with castings suppliers at a foundry while separately, they worked with sub-contract engineering specialists to manage the process of machining the castings to the required finish.

Machined castings were then delivered to the OEM for final finishing and assembly.

A lack of integration in this two-step operation has often caused production issues and delays. Problems compounded by the more recent trend for OEMs to reduce in-house engineering and machining capabilities. This trend has seen a consequent reduction in in-house technical knowledge and experience.

With fewer technical staff on hand to manage the process, OEMs increasingly began to rely on the foundry. The castings suppliers expected to not only manage their own work but also the machining of the cast components.

In attempting to maximise returns, foundries were initially attracted by low-cost machining options, a choice which, in turn, opened up more issues with parts failing specifications and missed delivery targets. As a result, the appeal (to OEMs) of the ‘single source’ supply concept started to wane. Furthermore, increasing commercial pressures saw the closure of some foundries and engineering firms.

An alternative approach.

1750mm dia Flasque. Bore tolerance to 0.25mm. Flatness to 0.1mm

Meanwhile, for Denholms and CE Edwards the focus has been clear. The Partnership for Performance programme has seen a significant investment, expanding both expertise and technical capacity. These have allowed Denholms & C E Edwards to build strong relationships and work ever more closely with similarly capable foundries.

Working with both foundries on the one hand and OEM customers on the other, Denholms and CE Edwards have unrivalled expertise not only in delivering the highest quality engineering services but also in understanding the capabilities and needs of both foundries and OEMs.

This partnership approach is proving itself consistently as an ideal way to deliver the very highest quality, machined casting. The ways of working between partners are consistent and the process is smooth and super efficient. This adds up to finished products that are both reliable and cost-effective.

With ever stronger relationships and increasing interest from customers, 2018 is looking set for even more progress and development.

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