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It just goes to show. You think you have things covered when something comes out of left field…

Large Split Bearing Housing

The other day we received an enquiry from a new customer looking for someone to machine split bearing housings. They were recommended to talk to C E Edwards by an existing C E Edwards’ client for whom we are already machining these components.

They then went to our website but could find no reference to our work in this area Рwhoops! Fortunately they called us and we were able to fill in the gaps in our experience  as shown online. Needless to say we quickly updated the website Рsee here for split bearing housings and other components we manufacture for the oil & gas sectors.

Small Split Bearing Housing

The point of this is that as a specialist sub-contract precision engineer with such a strong track record, it can be difficult to show examples of every area of our experience. If you are looking for a high quality engineering service, even if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for straight away, do give us a call!

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