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2015 marks Denholm Rees & O’Donnell’s 84th year in operation and has begun on a positive note at both its Liverpool base and sister company C E Edwards’ Stoke on Trent home. Building on the success of new initiatives in 2014, the teams at both sites are looking forward to seeing further benefits as a result of the integrated approach they are taking.

Precision machining of large pump shafts and housings - this one is over 4 Tonnes
Precision machining of large pump shafts and cases – this case is over 4 Tonnes

Creating specialist hubs

Denholms and C E Edwards have always worked closely together but moves have been made in recent months to put that partnership – and the companies’ roles within it – on a more concrete footing. Without losing any of the flexibility they can offer clients, these developments are creating a specific capability focus at each of the sites. That way, the greatest expertise within a particular area is located in the same place as the best related equipment and technology, forming a specialist operations hub that is immediately identifiable.

The strong understanding and communication between the bases in Liverpool and Stoke then allows both existing and new clients to be quickly and efficiently directed towards everything required for their specific needs, whether this is at one site or both in the course of a particular project or working relationship.

Fully integrated approach

The advantages of this set-up were already being experienced by customers in 2014 and Denholms and C E Edwards are committed to continuing to fine-tune the approach.

Management is integrated across the whole business and best working practices exist between the sites for consistency and clarity. Establishing more clearly defined roles within the overall company streamlines the process for clients and cuts down on time and money spent shuttling in between.

The result is a cleaner, more efficient operation that is able to invest the savings on costs back into increased capacity in both locations.

Best of both worlds

Most importantly, customers have been impressed with a business that can deliver the benefits both of a high-performance, specialist firm and a larger enterprise with greater scope, eradicating the inconvenience, extra time and potential issues of dealing with more than one company and providing the best of both worlds.

This is the vision that everyone at Denholms and C E Edwards is working towards in 2015. Even though we are only a few weeks into the year, the outlook is extremely positive.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to delivering your sub-contract engineering needs – with a focus on partnership – get in touch today

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