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Despite mass-communication and an ever-shrinking world, strong relationships are, more than ever, essential to effective and sustainable long-term business.

Recently at Denholm, Rees and O’Donnell and C E Edwards, we’ve been reflecting on the strength of our partnerships. A major North West foundry, with which we had a good working relationship, announced its closure. Consequently, a number of other foundries were taking on this substantial additional work.

The work involved the production of casings and other components for the pump and valve sector.  Significantly, there were numerous large castings in excess of 1 Tonne in weight.

The work was a welcome increase to the recipient foundries’ pipelines. However, the components were new to them and the specifications were high. Therefore, they faced a steep learning curve to get up to speed quickly and take over production successfully.

Denholms and C E Edwards have long experience dealing with major pump and valve OEMs across the UK and Europe. Furthermore, we have the operational capability to machine large castings to tight specification. Thanks to our existing relationship with the closing foundry and experience of the castings being transferred, we were able to carry this knowledge into partnerships with the new foundries. As a result, we were able to sustain the supply of finished, fully machined castings. The OEMs affected by the original closure experienced only minimal disruption.

True partnerships that deliver a win:win:win for us, the foundries and the OEM customers.

Partnership for Performance

Companies have different strategies for partnership, from simple outsourcing deals to a complex integration of systems and processes. Whatever the detail,  the rules for effective partnerships remain essentially the same. First, you have to recognise the need for a partnership. Is the aim to enhance your credibility in an industry, expand your capacity, or open up a new marketplace. Next, you need to find the right partner or partners. This can be a key decision for a business.

Denholm, Rees & O’Donnell and C E Edwards core business model is based on strong, effective, long-term partnerships. We aim to consider the needs of both parties in delivering the best service solution to meet our joint goals.

Despite regular upheavals in the marketplace, both we and our partners recognise the value of this approach. It helps in riding short-term fluctuations and maintaining sustained, long-term value and benefit.

The recent foundry experience is a clear example of the power of partnership. The switch of foundries could have meant a significant disruption. However, the change was smoothly handled with minimum impact on all concerned.

By working with partners who can benefit your business the most – partners with good reputations and competent people – you can open up real opportunities to help your business to do more business.

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