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davidbrownlogoWe are delighted to be working with leading gear systems engineers David Brown, looking to exciting new challenges ahead.

The globally respected Huddersfield-based firm has secured long-term contracts with the nuclear and international MOD sectors, and will be turning to trusted external suppliers to increase capacity and meet these demanding requirements. As an existing supplier to David Brown, with a strong working relationship that was already growing, Denholm Rees & O’Donnell and CE Edwards are ideally placed to grasp this opportunity and ensure maximum benefits for all involved.

Team ethic

Super-Duplex CasingtRAN
Pump Case in Super-Duplex Steel

David Brown boasts more than 150 years’ experience in engineered gearing innovation, true worldwide capabilities with manufacturing facilities established on five continents. The company shares our own belief in the importance of working in partnership with customers and suppliers, drawing on the knowledge, insights and specialist expertise of all parties for optimum results on every individual project.

Working as one team not only cements the quality of what is produced but streamlines the processes, improving planning and communication and cutting out delays, waste and downtime. David Brown, like Denholms and CE Edwards, maintains efficiency as a constant focus, always aware of its value – directly and indirectly – to the customer.

Widening scope

David Brown first approached Denholms as a primary CNC turned parts supplier. A subsequent visit to the CE Edwards site in Stoke-on-Trent revealed the potential to take full advantage of the machining capabilities there, in combination with the facilities being utilised at the Denholms Aintree base, to deliver a comprehensive set-up for providing engineered components.

Example of a split pump case from C E Edwards
Example of a split pump case from C E Edwards

This includes the machining of split gear casings – something which opens up the possibility of Denholms and CE Edwards supplying complete gearboxes up to 10 tonne for final assembly by David Brown.

With our business as a whole dedicated to an integrated strategy across both companies and sites, offering the dual benefits of a high-performance, specialist firm and a larger enterprise with greater capacity, Denholms and CE Edwards are well positioned to replace three or four separate suppliers with one consistent, clear approach.

Forward looking

As our policy is to invest the cost savings from a cleaner, more efficient operation back into increased capacity in both locations, we are continually building for the future with state-of-the-art equipment and training programmes designed to create and retain the very best workforce. David Brown is taking on contracts that will run for the next 10-15 years, and our vision is long-term.

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