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With our ongoing investment in new machinery, we are frequently on the lookout for skilled operators to get the most out of our capacity.

Although, in a business of our size, new members of staff tend to be recruited pretty regularly but, even with us, it is rare to have 3 new starters, one after another.

The demand has come from a recent influx of new projects particularly focussed on the Pump Shaft Cell which is a key operational area at Denholms.

Although these guys are all new starters with us, ‘new‘ is a bit of a misnomer as we explain below. First, the introductions:

Chris Spence

Pump Shaft Cell Turner Chris Spence

Chris has joined us as a Turner, working in the Pump Shaft Cell

Rob Bridge

Pump Shaft Cell Grinder, Rob Bridge

Rob has joined us as a Grinder, working in the Pump Shaft Cell

Neil Harrison

Vertical Machining Centre Operator, Neil Harrison

Neil works as a Vertical Machining Centre Operator. His role, although located outside the Pump Shaft Cell, involves a good deal of Pump Shaft work as well as other milling projects.

Not so new…

It is interesting to note that of these 3, two are returners to Denholms.

We know that employment needs to work for both employer and employee and sometimes a change in circumstances means people move on. However, we are proud of the relationships we build amongst our staff and even when people do leave, it is important, that we part on good terms. After all, who knows what the future might bring?

Both Chris and Rob are returners to Denholms after some time with other firms. We are pleased to welcome them back. It is also great to be able to offer employment to people who already have a track record with the company. It works really well for all concerned.

Their return is a great reflection of our company ethos.

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