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Denholm Rees O’Donnell & C E Edwards sustain their commitment to increasing their capabilities with the acquisition of a high capacity CNC vertical borer.


In early 2015, we installed a high capacity SACEM horizontal borer, which added to our ever growing capabilities and capacity. We began to reap the benefits of having such a high capacity machine at our disposal straight away, opening new opportunity for both companies to handle orders of increasing size and complexity.

As new projects developed, we recognised that adding large component vertical boring capacity would complement the SACEM machine.

Morando CNC Vertical Borer

We are pleased to announce the installation of a high capacity Morando CNC vertical borer at our Aintree site. The machine is going through final commissioning and is due to go into production over the next 2 weeks.

The SACEM and Morando machines complement each other due to their ability to handle a wide range of machining tasks on large castings and components up to 5 tonnes.

With the majority of machines of this capacity located in house at large OEMs, the capabilities available at DRO/CEE are not widely accessible in the sub contract engineering market.

We are already seeing interest and enquiries for the new equipment and we are confident that the investment will pay dividends.

Morando-Coremu VLN 14, 1450mm Double Column CNC Vertical Borer

Partnership for Performance

As many of you will know, partnership for performance is central to our business approach and the arrival of the Morando vertical borer is testament to our commitment to deliver the right engineering solutions within a strong, service-led framework.

DRO/CEE are committed to offering an end-to-end service taking raw castings/bar materials and delivering fully finished components ready for assembly

The combination of the SACEM and our new Morando machine means we can now handle and fully process an even wider range of components, delivering world class engineering.

For further details of our capabilities or to discuss your particular requirements, please get in touch.

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