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Regular visitors will know that the management team at Denholms and C E Edwards is committed to investment. Therefore, it is essential that we continually review our capacities and capabilities to ensure that we have the tools and team to most effectively serve the continually changing needs of our marketplace. There is an underlying requirement to offer growing capacity. As a result, we must ensure that we have the best and most appropriate equipment for the work we are asked to do.

Back in 2015, we began our current programme of bringing in specialist tools to machine larger castings and other components in excess of 3 tonnes. In 2018 our investment continues apace with major developments at our C E Edwards site in Stoke and the installation of 2 new pieces of kit…

CNC ElgaMill HE4000S Ram Mill – Supplied by G D Machinery, Sheffield

The new ElgaMill HE4000S

The renowned ElgaMill is a large capacity, versatile milling machine, consequently allowing flexible machining of a wide range of components.

The machine newly installed at C E Edwards is an HE4000S model with the following specification:


  • The ElgaMill in action

    Table bed: 8000mm x 1030mm

  • Column Travel: 6200mm
  • Vertical Travel: 1620mm
  • Ram Travel: 1050mm
  • Automatic tool changer



In addition, the new machine incorporates a 360° fully automatic C-axis head


Hartford HCMC 1892 vertical machining centre – Supplied by T W Ward CNC, Sheffield.

The new Hartford HCMC 1892

Our new Hartford HCMC 1892 CNC Vertical Machining Centre incorporates FANUC control to deliver the highest machining accuracy.

Key specifications include:

  • Table Working Surface: 1750mm x 920mm
  • Table Load: 2.5 Tonne
  • X-Axis Travel: 1800mm
  • Y-Axis Travel: 920mm
  • Z-Axis Travel: 820mm
  • Automatic tool changer

Key benefits we can deliver include:

  • Reduced Cycle Times – heavier cutting capability
  • Handling large components – expanded working area
  • Full range of finishing options – first-cut to fine finish

Both machines are already hard at work.

Cranage and Handling Investment

Finally, our existing SACEM horizontal borer has always had the capability of handling large workpieces. Up until now, the limiting factor has been our cranage. This restricted our handling capability to a maximum of 5 Tonnes. Consequently, we have recently upgraded our overhead crane meaning we can now handle components to 7 Tonnes allowing the SACEM machine to expand its work range.

If you think you could benefit from getting access to our new capability, please contact us.

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