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With two busy sites making optimum use of all available space, Denholm Rees & O’Donnell and C E Edwards are always hives of activity – but in 2016 the hubs in Aintree and Stoke-on-Trent have been positively buzzing.

Since the turn of the year, both companies have played host to numerous visiting delegates and engineers. The teams have been proud to showcase the latest high-performance machinery, specialist skills and efficient day-to-day operations on site, while the visitors – themselves experienced industry professionals with first-hand knowledge of many workshop floors – have been very impressed by what they have seen, from the overall set-up to the recently increased capacity and quality outbound products.

Tackling bigger requirements

Those who may have been unaware of the extent of development and investment at Aintree and Stoke over the past 12 months will have been pleasantly surprised to discover that both companies can easily deliver bigger projects and higher volumes than they may previously have imagined. The latest additions to the available machinery at each site not only boost capacity and the scope to meet larger-scale requirements, but also demonstrate the commitment of Denholms and C E Edwards to the very highest standards and remain at the forefront of the industry with the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

Visitors have been able to appreciate the process as a whole, examining the newest acquisitions close-up, witnessing them in action in the hands of skilled engineers, and viewing the end products.

It was this opportunity to really see what Denholms and C E Edwards can offer at every stage that ultimately resulted in a new contract being signed between the sister companies and Darwins Castings & Bonds foundries.

Shared vision

Darwins was acquired by Bonds last year with both companies having impressive histories and long-established reputations for engineering and service. Darwins has been creating high integrity, quality castings since 1774 and is a leading European manufacturer of bespoke components for equipment to be utilised in some of the most challenging environments in existence, including within the oil and gas, power generation, petro-chemical and chemical industries. By their very nature, these high-risk sectors demand the most exacting standards – making it particularly gratifying that Darwins recognises in Denholms and C E Edwards the same values and ability to exceed stringent specifications and expectations.

The management team at Denholms and C E Edwards is absolutely delighted that the decision to make significant investment in top-end machinery – and the reorganisation and adjustment that made this increase in capacity possible (see ‘Development programme rolls out onto the shop floor’) – is already paying off so directly.

Everyone involved is looking forward to a long, successful working relationship with Darwins/Bonds foundries.

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