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The expansion and enhancement of Denholm Rees & O’Donnell production capability is continuing with the investment in the latest CNC machinery.

Supplied by Mills CNC, the Doosan Puma 2600LY is the latest in high quality next generation lathes; providing increased accuracy, with a superior cutting performance and greater process reliability.

This new lathe delivers high repeatability for a wide range of machining applications. Our investment is designed to help speed-up production to help us meet customer demands.

The machine has a 10” chuck/76mm bar capacity with a bed length of 1280mm, the largest of the models available. It is equipped with Y-axis and driven Tools.

Full specifications for the Puma 2600LY can be found on the Mills CNC website.

“The Puma 2600 machines were launched in 2010 with significant interest shown by everyone who saw them. The new ultra-reliable technologies received many enquiries, not least from us,”explained Denholm’s MD Alan Hayes

“This cost-efficient method of manufacture will be hugely beneficial to our future, minimising overall part cycle times as well as streamlining maintenance.”

To find out more about how Denholm Rees O’Donnell can help you meet your production targets, get in touch with us now

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