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Blood platelets are vital in the care of many serious conditions including cancer and leukaemia. They are also important for transplants and the treatment of numerous severe blood disorders, yet there are just thirteen thousand blood platelet donors across the whole of the UK….

…and two of them work here at Denholm Rees & O’Donnell.

Senior production engineer,  Tony Seddon and CNC Machine operator, Keith Saunders were already regular blood donors when they were identified as viable platelet donors. Keen to extend their donations, they both willingly accepted.

Unlike regular blood donors who normally give blood once or twice a year, platelet donors can donate as often as every fourteen days! It is quite normal for Tony and Keith to donate 12-15 times each year.

DSC_0063 (002)
Keith Saunders (left) & Tony Seddon, each with their respective commemorative medals.


To date, they have each given over 100 platelet donations, receiving certificates in recognition of their contributions.

Tony has worked as a at Denholms Rees & O’Donnell for 6 ½ years while Keith has been with us somewhat longer!

The pair are unwavering in their commitment. There is nothing to stop them continuing to donate, for as long as they are both fit and healthy, they will continue to do so!

For more information on platelet donation, you can visit http://www.blood.co.uk/platelets/can-i-donate

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