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In 2014, Denholm Rees & O’Donnell supplied drive shafts to specialist marine water jet engine manufacturer Ultra Dynamics. With engines ranging from 130 to over 2000hp (100-1500KW), the demands placed on the internal components are huge. The highest production standards are essential.

Following takeover by Swedish company Marine Jet Power, it was announced in June 2015 that all manufacturing was to be consolidated in Sweden. Unfortunately, this meant that production of drive shafts also moved to a Swedish supplier. While the loss of business was disappointing, we recognise that operating in an international market means that this sort of thing is inevitable sometimes.

MJP Shaft being worked on plus 3 ready for despatch

As part of our ongoing marketing commitment, we ensured that although we weren’t supplying MJP, we did keep in touch. Through a combination of newsletters and direct/personal contact, links between Denholms and MJP/Ultrajet were kept open.

A year later we were naturally extremely pleased to receive a call from MJP with an order for some more drive shafts. A range of shafts are currently in production at our Aintree site. Total component numbers are higher than when we were producing shafts in 2014-15. A great recognition of the quality of work we produce.


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