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It’s easy for organisations to talk about partnership as part of the way they work. At Denholms and CE Edwards partnership has become the foundation stone of the business.

The company has embraced their goal of working closely with major foundries, service suppliers and customers with the ‘Partnership for Performance’ programme. Consequently, this approach has meant a move away from a traditional sub-contract engineering service model. Instead, we have developed a one-stop-shop based on partnerships with key suppliers.

This approach is about taking a long-term view. Other businesses concentrate mainly on cost-cutting. This can win business in the short-term but is rarely sustainable in a high-specification technical field. Almost inevitably, cost-cutting means quality or delivery problems ensue. Denholm’s and CE Edwards are committed to high quality and service. Through close working with key partners, they are able to maintain high standards. At the same time, they deliver sustainable cost and efficiency benefits.

Investing in the commitment

True partnership requires serious commitment and to underline their intentions the programme has recently seen a major £350k investment.

Doosan DNW 6700

Denholms in Liverpool has just installed a brand new machine, the Doosan DNW 6700 vertical machining centre. The new machine has enabled the business to increase capacity to meet demand. Additional staff have been recruited to build on this investment with two new operators now onboard.

Asquith Butler Elgamill

Meanwhile at CE Edwards in Stoke-on-Trent the recent addition of an Asquith Butler Elgamill has facilitated a more agile response to the needs of customers. The 4-axis ram boring mill with 8 metre table has expanded the capabilities for existing key customers as well as increasing the capacity available to new OEM customers.

Increased demand is good news for the business. By continuing to invest in new plant and equipment, as well as building strong partnerships for the long-term, Denholms and CE Edwards will continue to satisfy customers requirements now and in the future.

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