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In a technical business such as Denholms, the team that delivers our services is a vital element of our operation. Both shop floor staff and those in the office, play a core role. Inevitably, the summer brings challenges. The combination of holidays, (hopefully!) warmer weather and seasonal shut-downs at our customers combine to make it more difficult to maintain a business momentum. It is a hurdle faced by many, if not most, businesses through July and August!

While some of these issues might be unavoidable, it would be wrong to think that the goal over the Summer is to hang on and wait for September. Good business is about making the most of all circumstances even if, at first sight, this might seem difficult.

The period from September to December is probably the most significant ‘business window’ for most businesses. In the consumer world, it is the run-up to Christmas while for Business to Business it is the single longest ‘straight run’ without the impact of the national breaks of Christmas & New Year, Easter and the summer holiday season.

There is a danger in simply ‘treading water’ during the summer. Once the Autumn arrives it can take valuable time is a stronger business period to restore momentum. It is better to make the most of the summertime. Set plans in place so that when September arrives, it is full steam ahead.

Over the years, the management team at Denholms & C E Edwards have recognised the summer opportunity and, where possible, take the chance to develop the business is key ways:

1. Investment

Summer can be a great time to invest in new equipment. While you might have some personnel on holiday, workloads can also be down making it an ideal time to install new machinery and go through the necessary learning curves of commissioning and tuning. When customers are back at their desks in September/October you will be geared up and ready for them!

2. Recruitment

Just as with investment in machinery, recruiting new staff during the summer can allow time for induction, training and familiarisation. Come the Autumn and your team will be ‘ready for action’!

3. Partnership Relationships

The basis of a partnership with a customer, rather than simply being a supplier, is that you work together as a team to plan ahead and make sure that things work effectively for everyone. Production can be planned to suit the supplier and delivery scheduled to meet customer needs. A win:win situation. With the end of the year typically being busy, the summer is a good opportunity to meet with key customers and make plans.

These ideas all help to develop efficiency of which we are duly proud. We look forward to reaping the benefits in the coming months.

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