New Quality Manager at Denholm’s

The importance of Quality Quality is core to everything we do. Our ‘Partnership for Performance’  approach means we work with our customers to deliver the highest quality in everything we do. At the heart of our quality management system is the team of specialists. They work to ensure the effective implementation of our quality systems and procedures. […]

Autumn brings normality – but summer brings opportunity.

In a technical business such as Denholms, the team that delivers our services is a vital element of our operation. Both shop floor staff and those in the office, play a core role. Inevitably, the summer brings challenges. The combination of holidays, (hopefully!) warmer weather and seasonal shut-downs at our customers combine to make it more difficult to […]

New Recruitment at Aintree

With our ongoing investment in new machinery, we are frequently on the lookout for skilled operators to get the most out of our capacity. Although, in a business of our size, new members of staff tend to be recruited pretty regularly but, even with us, it is rare to have 3 new starters, one after […]

Ongoing Investment at Albany Road

Developments at the Denholms Rees & O’Donnell site in Aintree continue apace with the recent investment in 3 machines newly installed at our Aintree site in Liverpool: KAFO HMC 630 All good things come to an end and we were finding that our time-served Mazak H630 was reaching the end of its time with us. At over […]

Business Milestones

There have been some significant milestones across the business reached over the past few months. C E Edwards – 60 Years 2018 sees the 6oth anniversary of the formation of C E Edwards (Engineers) Ltd  – on 28 February 1958 Since 1958, the company has seen significant change both of its local area in Stoke on Trent and also of […]

The Pump Shaft Cell – performance beyond investment

Denholms and C E Edwards are committed to partnership for performance and often this commitment goes hand in hand with significant investment. You can read about the latest additions at the Denholms Albany Road site here However, the Denhoms/C E Edwards philosophy goes beyond ensuring we have the most effective equipment. A great example of the DRO/CEE […]

Capacity investment means expanding workforce

With our recent significant investment in new machinery, it was inevitable that Denholms and C E Edwards would be on the lookout for talented operators to get the most out of the equipment We are pleased to welcome 3 new members to the C E Edwards team. Well, I say new, in fact, there is a bit more to […]

Significant capacity upgrade

Alongside our established expertise machining specialist shafts to 4 metres and large castings, new investment at C E Edwards is significantly enhancing capacity across the group. Back in 2015 we brought at SACEM horizontal borer into our line up. 18 months later we added to this with a Morando vertical borer, further increasing our capabilities to […]

Major investment at C E Edwards

Regular visitors will know that the management team at Denholms and C E Edwards is committed to investment. Therefore, it is essential that we continually review our capacities and capabilities to ensure that we have the tools and team to most effectively serve the continually changing needs of our marketplace. There is an underlying requirement to offer growing […]

Continuing investment for success through Partnership for Performance programme

It’s easy for organisations to talk about partnership as part of the way they work. At Denholms and CE Edwards partnership has become the foundation stone of the business. The company has embraced their goal of working closely with major foundries, service suppliers and customers with the ‘Partnership for Performance’ programme. Consequently, this approach has meant a move […]