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In line with growing economic confidence across the UK, Denholms are pleased to report another successful year for 2012-13. Both Denholm, Rees, O’Donnell Ltd and sister company C E Edwards Ltd in Stoke on Trent have had profitable trading years in line with expectations.

It is always good to see positive finances at the end of a year, the success is founded on consistent, positive action to ensure that the companies continue to deliver service at the highest level:

Throughout the year there has been a continuing programme of investment both in plant and machinery and on the company premises in Liverpool and Stoke. New machinery ensures that work can be done efficiently to the highest specification while changes to shop floor layout help to maximise effective workflow.
Consistent engagement with staff

The best equipment is meaningless without well qualified staff to operate it. Over the past year, there has been a real focus on maintaining the highest levels of skill across the workforce while commitment to an ongoing apprentice programme helps to ensure that skills are being developed in the younger members of the team ready to support and ultimately ‘pick up the reins‘ as older staff reach retirement.
Delivering the best service

Good working conditions and the latest machinery, coupled with well trained staff makes a powerful combination and this is the platform from which Denholm, Rees, O’Donnell and C E Edwards look forward to continuing success in the coming year.

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